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ExportDOCS Transporter address the unique requirements of South African transporters moving cargo across our borders. Prepare, file and complete accurate customs declarations and Manifests.

Cargo exiting South Africa must be reported to SARS and therefore a road haulier crossing South African land border-post with commercial cargo must submit a manifest in respect of all such cargo carried on the truck

Over the years Customs has introduced electronic reporting of conveyances and goods (RCG).  ExportDOCS assists with a full electronic Manifest Reporting module.  It fully integrates with the shipments and customs clearance modules, accurately linking manifest numbers with customs declarations and visa versa.

ExportDOCS EDI Module enable electronic customs clearances of cargo, submission of supporting documents and tracking of clearance progress. The full in-house Customs Clearance function enables you to seamlessly integrate into the customs and excise environment. In addition, the system provides you with EDI Status tracking, giving you a detailed overview of all shipment’s EDI Status with SARS.

ExportDOCS Transporter Key Features:

  • Full EDI Customs Clearance module.

  • RCG Electronic Manifest Reporting.

  • Full electronic tariff book.

  • Manifest detail links up with shipment information and reflects correctly on the Clearing documentation to Customs.

ExportDOCS Transporter Benefits:

  • Cost saving.

  • Provide the transporter with control over manifest and customs clearance process.

  • Align with SARS modernization process. Always up to date with customs changes.

  • Key requirement for Accreditation/Approved Economic Operator Program.

  • Fully automated process.

  • Declarations can be made 24/7.

  • Quicker turnaround of cargo through the reduction of clearance times.

  • A reduction in manual administrative processes resulting in fewer errors and no duplication.

A Reduction in Manual Processes

ExportDOCS Transporter software, enables you to store all shipment-related information centrally and access it more efficiently than ever. It eliminates the possibility of data redundancy and makes data tracking and analysis much easier. So, every time you need to prepare documents for a new export consignment, it would take just few minutes to apply, based on the easily available data and information. Not only that, data can be instantly updated anytime which further reduces the chances of errors.

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