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As companies increase participation in global trade, their need for effective global trade management increase. Typically, companies have fragmented processes, managed by different teams using manual processes and legacy systems. This leads to high inaccuracy, tedious repetitions, slow processing and low throughput. Inaccurate information results in customs queries, inspections and delays – and potentially fines, penalties or legal action.

Global trade executives are keenly aware of the need to combine legal compliance with efficient and effective processes, to facilitate the swift and seamless movement of goods.

International trade is complex, regulatory driven and getting it right for every shipment requires the right tools to manage resources effectively and efficiently.

What is the solution?

X-Border provides you with a foundation for managing your global trade activity worldwide. Our web-based software solution will optimise and automate end to end global trade execution and ensure compliance while providing you with full visibility into global trade activities.

How will we help you?

  • Streamline your supply chains by managing end-to-end processes on a unified, web-based platform, that ensure efficient processes, faster throughput and lower operational costs.

  • Eliminate low visibility – excel spreadsheets and silo operations means that you have no global view if your supply chain. It’s difficult to track statuses and documentation, create reports or analyse data, in the absence of a single platform.

  • Bring your shipment processing time down with a significant improvement on productivity. Through automation, shipments are processed within minutes.

  • Eliminate compliance challenges. Reduce supply chain disruptions through real time compliance and data checks.

  • Stay in complete control. Get a single dashboard view that tells you the status of every shipment and well-designed reports in just a few clicks.

  • Reduce operational costs at significant points across the supply chain by saving you time and money on shipment processing, while eliminating delays and non-compliance penalties.

  • Smarter solutions mean you need smaller teams to manage your operations.

  • Keep your focus: rather focus on your core business than the ever-changing complexities of customs and trade regulations. Let X-Border handle that for you.


Our software is available to all industries involved in exports and imports. We have the ability to make adjustments to X-Border as and when required to include Industry specific requirements such as e.g. Excise Clients and those dealing with the new sugar tax.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

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