X-Border Permits

A solution for the arms and controlled goods industry

With Aerospace Maritime and Defence companies achieving significant growth, they are also experiencing an increased pressure from government to implement comprehensive and effective Internal Compliance Programs (ICP).  As a result, many Arms and controlled goods manufacturers have found that their processes and information systems cannot support the additional business requirements and government regulations.

A study has shown that an effective internal compliance program is nearly impossible without the underlying support of some kind of information technology system.

X-Border Permits was designed and developed to facilitate the specific business and regulatory requirements for the Arms and controlled goods Industry

X Border provides you with a single digital platform to manage, transform and optimize your Arms control operations, produce compliant permit applications while seamlessly integrating with back-office systems.

X-Border Permits Key Features:

  • Facilitate and manage all NCACC, NPC and CIE permit applications.

  • Track the status of each permit application with status change notifications to all relevant parties.

  • Upload and attach supporting document to applications and visible to all authorized users to review. No more searching for lost files – a complete electronic record can be pulled within seconds.

  • Manage expiry dates of permits – with timeous pre-alert notification to action in time.

  • Automated Internal Compliance Report, great for the internal compliance audits or externally presenting information to authorities as proof of your compliance.

  • X-Border manages the return of Pink Copies and proof of export to authorities within the prescribed timeline.

  • Tracking Temporary permit items and the allowed return periods ensuring that all items on the temporary permit are returned within the allowed period.

  • Tracking multiple exports against a Contracting permit with real time updates on available balance on the Contracting permit.

  • Track timeline from the submission of applications to the permit being issued. Reminders to follow up on an application.

  • Manage compliance with trade embargoes and trade restrictions. All permit applications under an embargoed or trade restriction will be blocked and only released to continue once the embargo/restriction is lifted.

X-Border Permits Benefits:

  • Eliminates low visibility – excel spreadsheets and silo operations means that you have no global view if your Arms Control Compliance. It’s difficult to track statuses and documentation, create reports or analyse data, in the absence of a single platform.

  • Compliant with NPC and NCACC Internal Compliance Program (ICP) for Industry.

  • Complete permit registry.

  • Eliminate manual work. Teams no longer have to re-key the same information multiple times.

  • Comprehensive check list of required documents per Application.

  • Facilitates the effective collaboration between the Marketing, Financial, Permit and logistics departments, with up-to-date documentation and Permit status visible and accessible to all stakeholders on a centralised platform.

  • Full audit trail.

  • Integrate with your existing ERP, accounting, inventory, or other back office systems to streamline permit processes and improve overall business productivity.

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