Our Services

Our Services

Our services include consultancy, design and development of custom-built solutions, integrations, implementation, user training, support and maintenance.


SITC uses its expertise in the industry to assist companies with optimizing their international trade processes. Our clients are provided with a detailed report of our findings with process flow diagrams, summary of current practices, recommendations and reference documents.

We consult in the following areas:

  • Business process analysis
  • Infrastructure technology
  • Strategic decision-making

Although SITC software can be used in stand-alone mode, most implementations involve integration with other systems.

When you choose the LEAPS IDOCS Integration module, you are selecting a highly skilled systems integrator with years of experience integrating our solutions with leading ERP solutions such as SAP, Syspro, Microsoft AX, QAD, and in-house applications of every kind.

Another differentiator LEAPS brings to the global trade management solution landscape is flexibility. We can accommodate your unique internal business processes as part of the integration process.

SITC takes pride in having an implementation process that has a proven track record with our customers.  We proactively offer assistance in a positive manner to improve implementation of processes to help the team raise productivity and insure deliverables of the project.

Training of users is undertaken on-site using the configured system and the client’s own data.

SITC is highly regarded for the quality of its support services. Support staff have a wealth of experience not just with the software itself but also in international trade and the IT/technical environments in which it operates.

SITC has a wide network and can offer information and support on:

  • Foreign exchange/transaction/management/rates
  • Legal and other advice on international trade and related matters
  • Customs tariffs
    • Assistance in classifications
    • Rulings
  • Customs documentation
Head Office: +27 12 654 1419/7351 Western Cape: +27 21 876 4394
Sales: Please enquire to: sales@sitcsa.com
Invoices / Payments: +27 84 500 5060 Support: +27 12 654 8929