A solution for the arms and controlled goods industry

Ever-increasing demands are placed on industry in terms of the movement of controlled goods. PermitDOCS is a unique solution developed to manage the end-to-end full permit requirements and compliance process.

  • Facilitate Permit applications.
  • Track the status of each application.
  • Upload and attach supporting document to applications and visible to all authorized users to review.
  • Manage expiry dates of permits.
  • Central Document storage and retrieval.
  • Automated Internal Compliance Report.
  • Manage the return of Pink Copies.
  • Tracking Temporary permit items and the allowed return periods ensuring that all items on the temporary permit are returned within the allocated period.
  • Tracking multiple exports against a Contracting permit and showing available balances on the Reconciliation Sheet.
  • Track timeline from the submission of applications to the permit being issued. Reminders to follow up on an application.
  • Enabling Companies and individuals to streamline their workflows and eliminating the re-entering of information with regards to controlled goods.
  • To manage permit applications.
  • To provide a platform for a company’s Internal Compliance Program.
  • Compliant with NPC and NCACC Internal Compliance Program (ICP) for Industry.
  • Complete permit registry.
  • The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the critical information on the permit.
  • Single entry point of data – data capturing reduced (Time saving and accuracy).
  • Comprehensive check list of required documents per Application.
  • Various authorization levels – users with appropriate rights to sign off the permit application.
  • Facilitates the interaction between the Marketing, Financial, Permit and logistics department.
  • Full visibility on the progress and status of permit applications Allow for extension application and cancellation of permits.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Seamless integrated process between ERP System, Permits and export and import documentation system.

Process Flow

PermitDOCS takes the user step by step through the process from what is completed to what the next step is. The system also updates the status of the application as the user complete the required steps from when the permit was captured, authorized, printed submitted to DCAC and issued etc. All users with access to the system can log in and view the statuses of the permit application at any time. Status updates are sent out via e-mail alerts to specific people e.g. marketers and program managers.

Permit Alerts and Notifications

Prior to expiry of a permit, the systems send out an e-mail notification that will escalade should the user not respond e.g. renew Registration Permit etc. The system also generates alerts to return pink copies, return goods under temporary permit etc.

Comprehensive Check List of Required Documents per Application

PermitDOCS provides the user with a check list of exactly which supporting documents are required per permit application. Should one of the products require a Destruction certificate, NPC permit or CIE permit, the system will identify the product requirement and add it to the list of required documents.

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