A world class software solution for Exporters and Importers

Global trade and logistics do not need to be complicated. Our company brings over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience to the table, to create tailor-made solutions for many challenges that you may face in your international trade execution.

Hand your employees a comprehensive, packaged solution that not only transforms but also optimises your international trade operations. This complete solution provides you with a single digital programme to manage, transform and optimise your shipping operations. Generate product compliant documentation while seamlessly integrating with back-office systems.


X-Border Permits

End-to-end arms control management software

A software solution for the Arms & Controlled Goods Industry. More and more demands are placed on the industry in terms of the movement of controlled goods. X- Border Permits is a unique solution developed to manage full end-to-end permit requirements and compliance.


X-Border Lite

X-Border Lite is a software solution that automates imports and exports for the smaller Importer and Exporter that does no more than 6 shipments per month.


ExportDOCS Transporter

Complete export document solutions for the road transporter

ExportDOCS Transporter addresses the unique requirements of South African transporters moving cargo across our borders. Prepare, file and complete accurate customs declarations and manifests.


Our Services

Our services include consultation, design and development of custom-built solutions, integrations, implementation, user training, support and maintenance.


We Help You

The X-Border Software Suite and Managed Services are designed to deliver value for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Our solutions can scale and adapt to your business goals when required.


Latest News

The global shipping and logistics industry has an opportunity to modernise its processes, unlocking efficiencies and cost-savings hidden behind outdated systems and processes. This opportunity arises from the confluence of several factors. Siyakhanda International Trade Concepts (SITC) has combined these factors into a flexible platform called X-Border – the end-to-end digital answer to modernising and improving the shipping logistics chain.

Johannesburg, 07 Oct 2021


What makes us different?

Experience and Expertise

That’s what we deliver for international trading companies across key industries, driving productivity, profitability and growth.

Our support and training staff are highly skilled in all aspects of international trade including customs procedures, logistics, documentation, international finance and law, etc.

SITC programmers are highly skilled in all aspects of system development and integrations.

SARS Modernisation Program

As a leading software developer, SITC is one of a few selected companies (service providers) that forms part of the South African Customs (SARS) Modernization Program.

Leading Edge Software

X-Border is designed to deliver value for businesses of all sizes, across industries. Our solutions can scale and adapt to your business goals when required.

Professionalism and Reliability

Our customers expect the highest level of professionalism and reliability. The projects we are commissioned with are an important investment for our customers – which is why our sense of responsibility is so appreciated. Our flexibility and creativity in finding cost effective solutions are what differentiate us from our competitors.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

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