ExportDOCS™ is a model export process management system and document preparation software package, ensuring successful completion of export transactions, compliance with export VAT and L/C integrated modules, and seamlessly linking into Customs (EDI). A world-class solution for an exporter!

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ImportDOCS™ is designed to address the importer’s unique requirements. From purchase order initiation, through costing, delivery and settlement, the movement of goods is pro-actively monitored, documentation is distributed in compliance with regulations, and financial transactions are managed according to defined business rules.

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A Solution for the Arms & Controlled Goods Industry. More and more demands are placed on Industry in terms of the movement of controlled goods. PermitDOCS is a unique solution developed to manage full end-to-end permit requirements and compliance processes.

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Our services include consultancy, design and development of custom-built solutions, integrations, implementation, user training, support and maintenance.

SITC’s core focus is to design, develop, implement, maintain, market and support international trade software solutions.

SITC was formed when a critical need was identified in the international trade industry for specialised export management software. The result was a world class development under the auspices of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

Founded in 2000 by Herman de Bruin, SITC has since become a market leading developer and supplier of software solutions for businesses active in international trade.

SITC industry experts have been servicing international traders for many years and boast an impressive list of Blue-chip accounts. SITC is currently providing international trade software solutions to 45 corporate importers and exporters and new clients are added daily.

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SITC wants to be the software solution provider of choice for medium and large companies involved in international trade.

Our Skills

Our support and training staff are highly skilled in all aspects of international trade including customs procedures, logistics, documentation, international finance and law etc.

SITC programmers are highly skilled in .Net Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Delphi, Java etc.

SARS Modernisation Program

SITC as a leading software developer is one of a few select companies (service providers) that forms part of the South African Customs (SARS) Modernization Program.

Leading Edge Software

Providing best-in-class International Trade software using leading-edge technology at a value price.

Continued investment in product development by keeping a vigilant eye on the needs of our customers. We are adding new features to our software applications every day.

Professionalism and Reliability

Our customers expect the highest level of professionalism and reliability. The projects we are commissioned for are an important investment for our customers – which is why our sense of responsibility is so appreciated. Our creativity in finding cost effective solutions and flexibility are what differentiate us from our competitors

Head Office: +27 12 654 1419/7351 Western Cape: +27 21 876 4394
Sales: Please enquire to: info@sitcsa.com
Invoices / Payments: +27 84 500 5060 Support: +27 12 654 8929