X-Border Lite

Do you do a minimal shipments per month, but still s require a system to help you with basic shipping documentation and customs clearance? Do you want to achieve more efficiencies and save on documentation and agency fees?

X-Border Lite is the answer to your problems

X-Border Lite Key Features:

  • Web base system allows for easy document creation and sharing from anywhere in the world. You can create, edit, store or share shipping documents and reports from desktops, tablets or even mobile phones.

  • Basic set of standard international documents, compliant with international trade regulations and ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) standards.

  • X-Border Lite provide the Exporter and Importer with an in-house clearing and forwarding system. The EDI customs clearance module and Harmonized Tariff book functions in X-Border enables you to seamlessly integrate into the customs and excise environment.

X-Border Lite Benefits:

  • Makes electronic documentation possible for the smaller importer and exporters.

  • X-Border provide uniform procedures and internal controls in the import/export department.

  • It offers standardization and centralized control of all documents and knowledge. Furthermore, it provides access to import and export information for operations, management analysis and executive reporting.

  • Eliminates low visibility – excel spreadsheets and silo operations means that you have no global view of your shipments and logistics.

  • Provide flexibility – use the software systems from any compatible device and at any time, even while travelling.

  • Significant savings in documentation costs and agency fees.

  • Minimize costly mistakes.

  • Increase efficiencies and time savings.

  • Compliance with regulatory and customs requirements.

Standardized Documents

To achieve big in the international trade scenario, it is vital to follow the set standards. For example, the shipping documents like invoices and packing lists should be prepared in a standard layout for easy understanding and acceptance across the globe.

Reduced IT Input

While IT is an inseparable part of every import and export business, its deployment can be complex, costly and difficult to maintain. Choosing the X-Border Lite hosted solution reduces the level of IT deployment needed. All you need is a good internet connection to access the software using a web browser. It also eliminates the need to spend excessively on hiring IT support.

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