End-to-end global trade management software for importers and exporters

As companies increase participation in global trade, their need for effective global trade management increase. Typically, companies have fragmented processes, managed by different teams using manual processes and legacy systems. This leads to high inaccuracy, tedious repetitions, slow processing and low throughput.

Inaccurate information results in customs queries, inspections and delays – and potentially fines, penalties or legal action. Global trade executives are keenly aware of the need to combine legal compliance with efficient and effective processes, to facilitate the swift and seamless movement of goods.

Does this sound familiar?

Cost of operations is rising across the trade supply chain.

Coordinating with different third-party agencies is time-consuming, stressful, and causes delays.

Logistic teams are struggling to ensure compliant documentation

Your company is still using inefficient and inaccurate manual processes

All of the above create significant growth and productivity bottlenecks in your international trade and supply chain operations.

What your company needs, is a single digital platform to manage, transform and optimize your shipping operations, produce compliant documentation while seamlessly integrating with back office systems.

X-Border Key Features:

  • A complete web-based software solution that automates global trade compliance processes and controls.

  • Centralised dashboard gives all stakeholders access to up-to-date information on all aspects of the export/import supply chain. Track documentation, shipment statuses, and access comprehensive reports.

  • Easy document creation and sharing from anywhere in the world. It allows you to create, edit, store or share shipping documents and reports from desktops, tablets or even mobile phones.

  • Complete set of standard international documents, compliant with international trade regulations and ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) standards. Documents customizable to suit your business needs.

  • In-house clearing and forwarding system: Customs clearance via EDI link and scanned electronic submission of supporting documents to customs.

  • Comprehensive tool to manage your own deferment account. Up to date view of deferment account statuses against the security value with early warning notifications.

  • The only global trade management system to manage Export VAT compliance requirements as part of the export process.

  • Landed Costing Module: comprehensive landed costing, factoring in all costs – such as duties, fees, taxes, transportation and product costs etc.

  • Letter of Credit Module – importing Letter of credit information to a specific transaction, producing LC compliant documents. System alerts on critical LC dates ensure compliance.

  • Full integration with any back office/ Inventory/ ERP/ Accounting systems such as SAP, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics AX and many more.

  • Provides a single booking platform to book cargo with the industry’s largest ocean carrier network, submit shipping instructions and view Bills of Lading.

  • Track and trace movement of all your containers.

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Full in-house customs clearance module

Companies often assume that submitting customs declarations is a specialized task best left to clearing agents. However, liability follows the declarant, not the agent, leaving companies responsible for declarations and at risk of border delays and penalties, even after they have paid significant agency fees. With X-Border, companies can take back control of their customs declarations, reducing costs and speeding up border clearance timeframes.

X-Border empowers companies to confidently prepare and file complete, accurate and timely customs declarations without using a third party.

SITC is one of the selected service providers, participation in the SARS Modernization Technical Work Group since 2005, ensuring that X-Border is updated and tested with all Customs changes long before the deadline.

Integrated export vat compliance module

The intricate requirements of the VAT legislation, and its growing complexity, especially relating to exports, make accurate and reliable VAT compliance tracking, crucial to Exporters.

Considering that the penalty, for non-compliance, is up to 45% of the value of the export transaction, it is imperative that companies ensure the correct documents for a particular shipment is obtained within the specified time limits in the VAT Act.

With X-Border, export VAT compliance is managed as part of the shipping process with real time compliance data checks and automated alerts, ensuring compliance at all times.

Cargo booking module

Global shippers often use dozens of carriers to move their goods, which means they resort to submitting booking requests and shipping instructions while switching between multiple portals to get the job done. This leads to significant challenges, delays and errors in simply managing the booking process. With X-Border, you can book vessels online, receive confirmations and track shipments from start to finish with automated real time status update alerts all in one place. View the status of all bookings, independent of carrier, on a single dashboard.

Track and trace module

X-Border’s booking Module provide you with complete visibility into your shipping process:

  • Track all your shipments in transit, monitor milestone events, accurately predict arrival times and take corrective actions when necessary.
  • Automated real time status update alerts keep you informed at all times.

X-Border Benefits:

  • X Border provides you with a single digital platform to manage, transform and optimize your shipping operations, produce compliant documentation while seamlessly integrating with back-office systems.

  • Eliminates inefficient processes: Reduce time – from a plus minus 4h per shipment manual process to 10 minutes per shipment on one single platform.

  • Eliminates low visibility – excel spreadsheets and silo operations means that you have no global view if your supply chain. It’s difficult to track statuses and documentation, create reports or analyse data, in the absence of a single platform.

  • Improve compliance and reduce risk – Lack of expert knowledge and tedious processes lead to faulty non-compliant documents. This cause possible penalties, shipment delays and unsatisfied customers.

  • Significant risk management by importing Letter of credit information.

  • Automated processes drastically reduce shipment processing time, reducing costs across the supply chain.

  • Cost savings on documentation fees.

  • SARS allows you to manage your own deferment account on imports and save on expensive agency fees. Outsourcing these requirements to external service providers comes at a cost with far less control.The Customs Modernization Program allows and encourages importers and exporters to process and manage their own import- and export transactions

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